Home Based Business, Things To Be Aware of Before Starting

You must make sure that you don’t jump into the first opportunity that comes your way. We need to find a credible opportunity with a reputable company which has a foundation built on integrity.What to look for in a great opportunity?There are many opportunities out there that come and go in the direct sales industry. Some of the not so credible companies sell products like weird jungle juice which supposedly has some new found healing effects, whereas some Top Tier companies specialize in the media and personal development industry.I can’t stress enough to do your research! This may include attending seminars, listening or reading through information that a company may provide you with. Remember you need to treat a home based business like any other business. Most people that invest in traditional business spend thousands just researching a business, and they may not even buy it.A great opportunity will:Have a proven system in place to guide distributors on how to build their business. This is essential because the whole idea of network marketing is based on the concept of duplication. Without duplication you will have a job and lots of headaches. You never want to be the expert, let the system do the work.-It must have a proven coaching/ leadership program available from people who have actually built the business.-What training do they provide? (Social media, leadership)-It must be portable- i.e. fully functioning online, so that you are not tied down to one location.-It must have generous upfront profits and an excellent commission structure-It is essential to have a personal development program to assist new distributors to change the way they think. Remember it is your current thinking that has got you to this point, to change direction you need to change your thinking.-The company must be unique and highly regarded in its chosen product field. Look for a company that has won awards and is highly regarded by well known highly successful business people around the globe. (There aren’t many that fit this category, so Research!)-It Should have low start-up costs compared to traditional business, minimal overheads, and have no inventory to stock.Benefits of network marketing and home based businessThere are many benefits to a home based business. But firstly a home based business does not necessarily mean that you are stuck at home all day. A great business will be extremely automated and systematized so that it can be controlled from anywhere with an internet connection.Working from home allows you the freedom to take the kids to school and pick them up, basically be full time parents. Top Tier companies will have a commission structure which has no limit to how much you can earn which allows you to dream big and achieve whatever you set your mind to. This ability solely relies on the company’s infrastructure, so again do your research.The personal development involved en route to being a successful entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences you will ever come across. For me this is the top benefits of using a company with an excellent self education system, because I know that if I lost everything I own tomorrow, I have the knowledge and belief in myself to get it back again. The statistics for people who win over a million dollars on the lottery and five years down the track are in a worse financial situation than before they won the money are staggering. Nearly one third of lottery winners become bankrupt. This comes down to the lack of education, they do not have the mindset to handle that kind of money.Why some people don’t make it?First and foremost the reason people don’t make it and quit being an entrepreneur is other people’s opinions. Remember, opinions are cheap, and don’t be surprised if some of your friends and family try and talk you out of following your dreams. The reason they will can vary, they may genuinely feel they are acting in your best interest, but are just miss informed. Or you may find that people will try and drag you down because they are afraid that if you do succeed, they will be left behind. Someone who has never achieved what you set out to achieve will always tell you it can’t be done. Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, your right”.Please note Google is NOT the way to research a business. If you were going to invest $100,000 into a traditional business, you would not jump on Google. Look at the compensation plan and look for the qualities I mentioned above by attending seminars and interacting with people involved. If you cannot see the integrity, then don’t proceed. Research is Top Priority!Why Personal development is critical in your success?We are all surrounded by what our current level of thinking has created. Don’t like it? Then invest in yourself. Training your mind to be positive in the face of adversity is essential in your success in life, but it is also essential in the impact that you have in your friends, family, children and business partner’s life. Personally I prefer to use a personal development program that is not based around how to become successful in just one particular network marketing company. I prefer to use a program that you can apply in all areas of your life, one that will inspire you to follow your passions beyond the freedom you create through the success of your business.Once you have chosen a credible opportunity that will positively impact all areas of your life, all you need to do now is follow the 9 critical steps to success. These steps have been covered in one of my other articles so be sure to have a read.

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