Internet Marketing: Tips for New Online Entrepreneurs

The state of the world economy has prompted many individuals to think about joining the ranks of online entrepreneurs. This is a good move for those who are willing to learn and understand how internet marketing works.

Too often, new online entrepreneurs fail to know who they are in turns of working online. There are many factors that should be considered prior to taking the leap into internet marketing. Between the many required daily activities in a person’s life, for example: work or school, paying the bills, performing house chores, and traveling from one place to another, one must find the time to promote their online business. One solution is to devise a plan that will allow time for all the important tasks that must be performed including internet time.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is defined in various ways depending on the person who is using the term. For example, entrepreneurs who work from home promoting affiliate programs may consider their affiliate programs internet marketing businesses because they promote them online. This would not be an incorrect interpretation of the term. However, internet marketing is much broader in scope.

The most appropriate definition is the combination of related internet activities that target the best audience directly or indirectly for the sale of products and services. Synonymous terms are i-marketing, web-marketing, online-marketing or e-Marketing. This type of marketing is done solely on the internet. The purpose is to use various online advertising to drive traffic to a website. Online entrepreneurs who use targeted email lists, banner advertising, pay per click (ppc), blogs, and video presentations are often methods that bring the most value to their marketing efforts.

No matter what businesses new online marketers are in, they should ask themselves the following questions and use the tip as an answer for each question. As a result, they can have a better understanding of how they can see themselves in this arena, and enjoy a more profitable internet marketing experience:

1. Who am I? Am I willing to learn what it takes to market online?

Tip: A successful internet marketer uses and practices the 5 Ps on a daily basis:

a. Prayer – Whatever or whoever you believe in as a higher power should be considered your sidekick in this new adventure.

b. Patience – Suppress anxious behavior in seeing positive results from the start. No matter what you may have read or heard about becoming an overnight online success is a myth.

c. Productivity – Do not become distracted. Stay on focused on your scheduled tasks. Continue to be industrious even when it may be difficult.

d. Persistence – Be determined and diligent on what is required of you to complete your tasks.

e. Perseverance – Hang in there and be resolved that you will not give up. Give yourself a chance to succeed.

2. Do I need a plan for my internet marketing?

Tip: Yes! You need a traffic plan. Your plan should include the types of marketing you are doing, how long you will promote a specific type of marketing, and a budget that will cover your costs of advertising. Free advertising is a good way to start but it’s limited in scope. Be prepared to use some paid advertising.

3. Am I willing to take the time to become knowledgeable and skillful in internet marketing?

Tip: It is highly important that you learn how to market online. The reason for a high percentage of failure in internet marketing is a lack of knowledge. Be more than familiar with how to write a compelling subject line and ad content. Acquaint yourself with terms that you are unfamiliar about and understand how to use them. For instance, what is a keyword and how do you choose them for your marketing.

A serious new online entrepreneur will take the time to learn how to be successful online. First, you will depend on yourself to do research and study. Second, you will give yourself a chance to know the type of business you are in. You will not give up and join another online business because you failed to do what was required in the one you are currently in. Third, you will take action on what you have learned.

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